Construction Project in Addis: A New Roof

Close to the beginning of our trip, our group took on a real construction challenge- replacing a corrugated metal roof!

The home was that of one of our students and his mother. The roof was no longer sheltering their little one room of 4Ft X 6 Ft
Looked like this!


We had two graduated wood working students from our SSCM Vocational Training Center along to help us with this task.

The home was in the middle of a set of 4 one room homes… so they all shared a roof.  The crew began the slow process of tearing everything down BUT not disturbing the others.


There was lots of dust in the air from soot and from the construction.


Once the roof was off, the crew had to replace the rotten frame boards, so that the new roof has a solid foundation to be nailed to. The only thing that could hold them up were the walls… so this was a precarious position to cross over!


Slowly the new metal roofing was put under the neighbours, and extended to cover our family’s home!


This was the job all done – the look from the inside!  The open edge was very important, as they had their open fire cooking area within the room,.. so the smoke can ventilate out this edge.


When we were finished, we all came together for a small farewell.
We introduced the whole team from Canada, and the family had a chance to thank the group for their help. A really special moment!



-Deborah Northcott, Expedition Team Leader